Alumni Profiles

The Swiss-California Foundation (SCF) has so far offered its Fellowship program to fourteen talented Swiss students. This leadership program offers a unique opportunity to gain professional skills and to personally experience the American Way of business. All SCF Alumni are doing fabulously in their jobs and look forward to successful careers. Please take time to read this short overview of the professional progress of former Fellows:

  • Photo: Silvan Baettig

    Silvan B├Ąttig

    SCF-Fellow 2001-2002

    Current Position
    Private Equity Analyst
    SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Institution)
    Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Photo: Mirjam Schoenenberg

    Mirjam Lutz

    SCF-Fellow 2002-2003

    Current Position
    Managing Partner
    Oepfelbaum IT Management
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photo: Stefanie Lustenberger

    Stefanie holm

    SCF-Fellow 2003-2004

    Current Position
    Screen Concept
    Steinhausen, Switzerland

  • Photo: Andrea Ullmann

    Andrea Ullmann

    SCF-Fellow 2004-2005

    Current Position
    European Dental Exclusive Manager
    Henry Schein, Inc.
    Frankfurt, Germany

  • Photo: Raphael Zeller

    Raphael Zeller

    SCF-Fellow 2005-2006

    Current Position
    Crude Trader
    Koch Supply & Trading
    Geneva, Switzerland

  • Photo: Partrizia Buser

    Patrizia Buser

    SCF-Fellow 2006-2007

    Current Position
    Product Manager
    Partners Group Ltd.

  • Photo: Philip Rauber

    Philip Rauber

    SCF-Fellow 2007-2008

    Current Position
    Graduate Student
    London School of Economics
    London, United Kingdom

  • Photo: Yvonne Hausmann

    Yvonne Hausmann

    SCF-Fellow 2008-2009

    Current Position
    Junior Regulatory Officer
    Risk Management
    Swiss Re
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photo Francesco Iberg

    Francesco Iberg

    SCF-Fellow 2009-2010

    Current Position
    Financial Analyst
    McGraw Hill Financial
    London, United Kingdom

  • Photo Moritz Werner

    Moritz Werner

    SCF-Fellow 2010-2011

    Current Position
    Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photo: Nicole Saunier

    nicole saunier

    SCF-Fellow 2011-2012

    Current Position
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photo: Marie-Luise

    Marie-Luise Walther

    SCF-Fellow 2012-2013

    Current Position
    Graduate Student
    University of St. Gallen
    St. Gallen, Switzerland

  • Photo Michael

    Michael Hausmann

    SCF-Fellow 2013-2014

    Current Position
    Controller at Universitaetsspital Zurich
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Photo Corinne

    Corinne Knoepfel

    SCF-Fellow 2014-2015

    Current Position
    Graduate Student at University of St. Gallen
    St. Gallen, Switzerland